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The engineer - mechanic by education,


     There are some of my inventions, which I am proud of. In fact I realized all of them in home conditions using simple tools. But the destruction of the USSR didn’t let me bring these ideas to the logical completion. Now I am eager to accomplish this work. But there is a need for money.

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A little about myself:

These are my patents on inventions

-  I took part in the All-Union (USSR) Competitions in 1988 (tricycle) and in 1989 (luges) and was the winner in both.
I competed with All-Union (USSR) experimental research institute of metal-cutting machine tools (ENIMS) in development of a manipulator for the Sergo Ordgonikidze Machine Building Plant and with All-Union (USSR) research institute of sports and tourist stock (VISTI) in development of luge. In both events my developments were acknowledged to be the best.
 - I was proposed to work in VISTI as chief of a project and created a simulator - "The simulator of Sennovskiy" for development of force of muscles.

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